Playing Cards Cheating Soothsayer

We provide Latest, High-Speed & Modern K3 Playing Cards Cheating Device for Cheating in Playing Cards Game. Our Playing Cards Cheating Devices are powered by Android, thus are capable of making phone-calls, send messages, browse internet, play music & much more along with helping you Cheat & Win in Playing Cards Game.

Our devices are compatible with most International & Indian Playing Cards Game Andar Bahar, Teen-Patti, Texas Hold 'em Poker and many more. Once configured for, it instantly reports the Winner, Second Winner, Third Winner and so on to the user.

To play, you simply have to put our Marked Playing Cards in front of the Playing Cards Cheating Mobile on table. It then calculates, & reports the Winner in either your ear using a Hidden Wireless Earphone or Vibrator.

You can also combine it with external Camera such as our Ladies Purse Camera, Watch Camera, Wallet Camera, Money Camera & more as per your convenience.

Manufacturer: Onestore India Private Limited
Brand: SPC
Item Condition: New

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