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Playing Cards Cheating Devices

Our playing cards cheating devices are completely undetectable and easy friendly to use. These can also be paired with with external camera such as ladies purse camera, watch camera, wallet camera, money camera & more.

Playing Cards Cheating Devices

These Cheating Marked Playing Cards are the best combination of Trick & Technology known to Playing Cards Cheating industry. These can be used for Cheating in Andar Bahar, Teen-Patti game or many more to achieve Win in Playing Cards Game if used with either our Invisible Contact Lenses or Playing Cards Cheating Device.

Each card in this Cheating Marked Playing Cards deck is individually marked on back which is invisible with bare eyes & merges seamlessly with card design. Once used with our Invisible Contact Lenses or Prospective Marked Cards Glasses, it allows you to instantly identify the suit and value by simply peeking the back of the Marked Playing Card.